Mea Culpa

Monday, August 21, 2006

I Am Never Drinking Again!!!

As i sit here and blog this I am thankfully hangover free. This is in complete contrast to how I woke up yesterday morning.

I dont really remember a lot about saturday night but I was told that I am a great drunk. I don't get angry or cry, I just giggle at everything.

I swore to myself I would learn to wear my 'I know when I've had enough hat' with pride after the incident while on holiday but something clearly went wrong with that plan the other night. Still, when I woke up I had my phone and purse and I was assured that I hadn't thrown up anywhere which is always of the good so at least that's something. Although I was informed that at one point I did declare my love for Pat Sharp. This is interesting as I did not know I had a current love for Pat Sharp and suspect I was refearing to the good old Fun House days but looking at that pic of him I am reminded of the big crush I had.

That was sauturday night but on saturday morning I went to see the much anticipated Snakes on a Plane. 'That's great news. Snakes on crack!' How can you not love a film with that line in it? Samuel L is by far the coolest man on earth.

So that was my weekend. After finally trusting myself enough to manage the bus ride home I stayed in bed the rest of yesterday sleeping, feeling very very ill and watching some new DVDs purchased that morning off the very handsome man in WH Smiths (who assures me he did not mind all my drunken texts to him one bit the night before. I guess guys don't really mind being repeatedly called sexy and other things that a not very sober mind thinks it's a good idea to text). Hey hum!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Your Weirdest Dreams Please!

Ok, its not the most original question in the world and for that I apologise but untill last night I thought the weirdest dream I had was the one with the giant red octopus in the kitchen, no wait, the weirdest was when that guy from Casualty fancied me but he was a fish. Not a man in a fish costume, and actual real goldfish.
Last night I dreamt that a pig ate two pairs of my knickers. I don't think I shall find what that means in any book.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Round Up!

It is over a week since I posted. I should and do feel ashamed of myself. So I will just round up what I've been up to.
My friday night out was good though we went to Derby and not Notts. The night got even better after I met a guy in the crapply named club, Blue Bamboo.
I then spent the next few nights just chilling out. I gave the internet a break and decided to do some of the things I liked to do before I spent all my time on my 'puter. I watched DVDs in bed and drank wine wile listening to my blues cds.
I was in Derby again friday to saturday and on saturday morning I was sitting on a bench enjoying my freshly made sunshine detox fruit drink when a middle-aged guy sat next to me and kept looking at me in what I perceived as a -I am psychotic and planning the best way to kill you- look. I moved away from him slowly.
I am still looking for work and am still learning that bloody highway code.*
I also got caught off guard on saturday and ended up signing up for dental issurence. How I let that happen i dont know. I'm cancelling first thing tomorrow.

*I must remember, it means bumpy road. It is not a double hump back bridge.

Friday, July 28, 2006

What To Do!?!

(I couldn't stay too enigmatic for too long. There's a pic of me on my jollies. I am happy there by the way).

So, I have decided to move out as you all know and I really like the idea of moving to the coast. I am really going to do this as I have set my heart on it but now I've made the decision I am sort of stuck.

It is very exciting to think I am finally going to do the thing I want but not having done it before I don't know how to go about it. I lived in Sheffield with an old boyfriend for a year a while back but he found the house and sorted everything, all I had to do was move in.

So, I seek advice from all those who have far more superia knowledge to me on such matters. Do I move away and then find a job or do I get a job first? What would be a decent enough ammount to have saved up before I take the plunge? It is incredibly sad that a 26 year old does not already know these things.

It is a great thought that by my 27th birthday I could be little miss independent, but maybe 3 months is being a bit too optimistic. Anyway, I am going on and on and starting to bore even myself so I shall shut up.

I am off out for a meal and some drinks in Notts tonight. I havn't been for a night out there since my Rock City days which where a few years ago now so I hope it goes alright.

Have a good weekend fellow bloggers. Be sure to report back tomorrow night. This is me we are talking about here, I'm bound to do something stupid or embaressing to fill you all in about.

Til next time me dears!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom".*

I tried to think positive and be productive today.

I have almost finnished going through the highway code and I have already got through the theory test book. Once I have had a go at the hazzard perception to see how hot (or not) i am at that, I will book my theory test in. Tomorrow I am going to book a driving lesson to discuss the best way for me to pass my test. (You never know Penny, I might be driving us to Newquay yet)!

I havn't had one nap today but instead have been a couple of walks and been to have my hair trimmed. It's too much activity for me for one day, especially in this heat. Oh and I have also been on the delightful, the fun, the happy, the inspirational jobcentre plus website looking for work.

There isn't any.

And believe me when I say I am not being picky here. No one is in the market for a motivated, hard working, dynamic Lynsey. (Actually I think that dynamic is going a bit far but hey).

So I am making the moves and I'm preparing and I'm being active but it's not quite coming together yet.

Where is my White Knight to take me away from it all?** Maybe I will meet him friday night.

*Anais Nin
**I have suffered from White Knight syndrome since I was a kid. You would think I would have grown out of it by now.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Back to Reality with a Big Bad Bump!

Hello folks. Yes, I'm back from my weeks holiday in Cornwall. I had the best time (pics to follow).

It was a couple of posts back that I was complaining about my lack of job and confidence and living with parents and such, but that one week away has helped but a lot of bloody things in to perspective for me. Having a week away somewhere I have always wanted to go and to be treated like an adult was fantastic. I felt so calm and confident and at home there, so when I arrived home and it was back to being treated like a sixteen rather than a twenty-six year old again I actually cried.

I had many an epiphany while there and one of them was that the only way it's all going to change is if I change it.

So it beggins.

The time has come to take action and get myself out of Dodge. Starting with my driving. Step one is to get my test passed and my car on the road. I'm just glad to finnally be in the right frame of mind with the determination needed to get it done.

Wish me luck!

Friday, July 14, 2006

See You Later's.

Hey all, I'm just letting you know that I will be away for a week.

I'll be back a week tomorrow.

I'll see y'all then! (Not actually see but you know what I mean)

Take care.
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